How to paint with diamonds

Painting with diamonds can seem complicated, but it is quite simple, to do it you will need to use flat imitation stones, diamonds or crystals. If you want you can buy a diamond painting kits online, to make diamond art you must follow these steps:

• First unroll the canvas included in the kit, then glue it onto a flat surface and secure the edges.
• Peel off the plastic cover that comes with the canvas, but don’t do it completely.
• In a tray place the first color of diamonds you will use.
• Then take the pen included in the kit and open the package with gel to take some, with this the crystals will stick to the pen.
• Pick up a glass with the help of the pen, to do so, gently press the tip of the pen with the top of the glass, once you lift the pen should be glued to it.
• Then gently press the pen into one of the corresponding colored squares on the canvas. If you are a beginner press the pen gently, in case you need to make corrections.
• Completely fill in the pictures in one section before proceeding to the next.
• Peel off another part of the plastic cover and glue more diamonds, fill the canvas with the technique explained.
• Once you have glued all the diamonds, cover the canvas again with the plastic cover and run a roller or a heavy object over the whole canvas, making pressure to fix the diamonds better.
• After the previous step, place a heavy object on the canvas overnight, this will help the diamonds stick better.
• To finish remove the plastic and frame the paint, in a few minutes you can decorate a space in your home.

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