Art naturals essential oils

What are essential oils? These are natural, aromatic compounds that have a wide range of uses based on their scent. Essential oils can be used as perfume, for aromatherapy, or in cooking and medicine. The term “essential” refers to their key role in many plant’s survival. Since plants can’t move from an unfavorable environment, they […]

Why Diamond Painting is good for me?

1. Say bye-bye to stress and anxiety , add some diamonds to your life Have you been feeling stressed and anxious lately? Do you remember when was the last time you dedicated a moment just to yourself? In today’s hustle and bustle world, people do not take time to sit down and do something that […]

How to paint with diamonds

Painting with diamonds can seem complicated, but it is quite simple, to do it you will need to use flat imitation stones, diamonds or crystals. If you want you can buy a diamond painting kits online, to make diamond art you must follow these steps: • First unroll the canvas included in the kit, then […]