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PRO Tool Box Diamond Painting
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PRO Tool Box Diamond Painting




  • Perfect tools Kit for 5D Diamond Painting: Including the necessary diamond painting Roller and fixing tools to complete your diamond painting tools! Whether you are a fresher or an experienced diamond painting lover, having this complete set of tools makes it easier to create diamond paintings.
  • Anti-fatigue Pen grips: Feeling tired when it takes a long time to do a diamond painting? The soft pen grip in the set allows you to use the diamond painting tools for a long time without feeling too tired, and enjoy the fun of painting!
  • Enough diamond storage boxes and bags: Double-sealed detachable 28-cell storage box, plus 20 ziplock bags, place your diamonds in different categories and affix the corresponding diamond color number labels. Don’t worry about diamonds being lost.
  • Easy to use: Pour the diamonds into the diamond disks of the corresponding size. Gently shake the diamonds to arrange the diamonds neatly in the diamond disks. Dip the spot-drill pens into the glue and point the diamonds to the corresponding On the painting, then start your creation!
  • Easy storage: When you feel tired, put all the diamond painting tools in the tools bag, re-cover the cover of the diamond painting, leave it alone, and don’t worry about the scattered tools.


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