Regular Tool Box Diamond Painting
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Regular Tool Box Diamond Painting




5D Diamonds Painting Tools and Accessories Kits with Diamond Painting Roller and Diamond Embroidery Box for Adults or Kids

  • Diamond Painting is super enjoyable and easy to learn! This complete tool kit includes: 1x Diamond Painting Roller, 1x Stainless Steel Tweezers, 1x Drill Alignment Scraper, 1x Dual-Purpose Drill Pen/Alignment Scraper, 4x Grooved Diamond Sorting Trays (2 regular+1 large+1 w/spout), 3x Double-Sided Diamond Pens (single point and 3/6/9pcs multi-placer), 8x Pink Wax Pads, 1x Tool Storage Bag, 40x Label Stickers, 1x 28-Grid Diamond Storage Box with Removable Dividers (diamond drills not included).
  • 3 sizes of double-sided diamond drill placer pens with both single-drill points and multi-placers that can pick up 3/6/9pcs diamond drills at the same time. Will make painting larger and more intricate areas more efficient and more interesting.
  • 28-Grid Diamond Storage Box – Transparent removable dividers with sealing clasp closure, mold-proof, dust-proof and durable. Made of high quality plastic, lightweight and convenient to carry. Ideal to securely store different diamond drills in order. Comes with 40 label stickers. Single compartment size: 0.98ÔÇØ x 0.9ÔÇØ. Box size: 6.9ÔÇØ x 4.2ÔÇØ.
  • How to Diamond Paint: Pour diamond drills onto the sorting tray and gently shake it to align the drills in rows. Dip the tip of the diamond placer pen into the wax pad and use it to pick up the drills. Gently press the drills against the corresponding squares on the canvas. Use alignment scrapers to align diamond drills in straight lines. To finish, cover the canvas and go over it with the rolling pin to press down and secure any loose diamonds.
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